Do you review items, cookware, or books?

While I will happily accept products and/or books, I do not necessarily agree to mention said items on Willow Bird Baking. I will only review items that I find particularly interesting and compelling, as the majority of my blog is devoted to recipes and personal narration. If I do decide to review an item, I will do so honestly, including both positive and negative commentary as appropriate. I will also make it clear to my readers that I received the item at no cost to me. Providing an item at no cost in no way influences my opinion or commentary, as I respect my readers, their time, and their budget.

To contact the author, please email juruble[at] Thank you!


2 responses to “Inquiries

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  2. Hi there! I read your article in the Charlotte Observer and was wondering if you will be accepting advertisers on your blog. I am in the Denver, NC area and am always looking for new avenues to advertise.
    Thanks so much

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