Croissant Masters!

You may remember my goal to encourage folks to make croissants at home for the first time. What an amazing experience it’s been! As I mentioned before, making croissants was one of my proudest kitchen moments. Well, hearing about others making croissants for the first time because of my post is without a doubt one of my proudest blogging moments.

Seventeen crazy croissanters came, they saw, they baked. And now it’s time to show the first batch of them off. Introducing . . . the first 5 croissant masters!

Hannah: “People demanded that I should try other challenges and I promised to do so if you do another one, since all the tricks etc. you posted helped a lot. I guess otherwise I wouldn’t have thought that I could manage baking them.”

Amy: “I did enough folding to qualify for a management position at the Gap.”

[see more of Amy’s croissants here.]

Kat: “The trick is to use the fridge as a lifeboat. Every time something seems to be heading south, throw it all in the fridge.”

[see more of Kat’s croissants here.]

Emily: “I mean, I made these croissants. From scratch. All by myself. That is an accomplishment…”

[see more of Emily’s croissants here.]

Kirsten: “I’ll definitely be making croissants of some sort again…”

[see more of Kirsten’s croissants here.]

If all of these beautiful croissants produced by bakers just like you — some with experience, some without — make you want to join in the fun, please let me know so I can add you to my list of folks committed to croissant! Stay tuned for the rest of the croissant masters.

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14 responses to “Croissant Masters!

  1. altrooheather

    I’m feeling kind of inspired by this post! They seem so intimidating but … maybe not!

    • Julie

      Go for it, Heather! So many folks have echoed the surprise at how uncomplicated croissants are — a long process, and nerve-wracking, but not too hard. I know you can do it!!

  2. Meg

    I will totally have to try this! Count me in!

  3. What a great round up Julie! I wish I was closer to my kitchen so that I could give making croissants a go! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Julie, I’m so glad you tracked me down, first off I had no idea there was another food blogger in Charlotte, and second, I LOVE your blog! I must try these croissants. I’ll let you know once I put them together and link back to you.

    • Julie

      Aw, thank you, Julie! I love your blog as well! We should definitely get together sometime for some foodie fun in Charlotte ๐Ÿ™‚ Please do try the croissants! I’d love to read about your results and post you in one of my result round-ups! They’re SUCH a fun accomplishment!

  5. I am so upset I missed this challenge!!! I just found you from @mommiecooks on twitter. She raved so I wanted to see what’s what. I could kick myself for having missed this challenge. Yes, I realize that I need to get out more.

    • Julie

      You totally didn’t miss it, Enya! I am still posting results! Please feel free to jump on board and make some croissants; we’d love to have you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. That’s really great and their croissants look amazing!

  7. Such a fun challenge, Julie! I plan to make some croissants once I get some free time… hoping for Sept!

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